Lower Energy Bills

With heating and cooling prices at all-time highs, can you afford to select anything but the most energy-efficient windows for your home?
Soft-Lite Gorell energy efficient windows are designed specifically to provide exceptional thermal performance.  Most Soft-Lite Gorell window owners experience a significant decrease in home energy consumption because nearly all Soft-Lite Gorell windows qualify for the ENERGY STAR label when one of Soft-Lite Gorell’s numerous high-performance Low-E glass systems is selected.
In warm weather, Soft-Lite Gorell’s SolarControl Plus Low-E coatings reflect outside heat away from your windows while still allowing light in.  This reduces the amount of time your home cooling system will need to run. 
In cold weather, the Low-E coatings reflect heat back inside, so your home stays warmer.  This reduces the time your heating system needs to run, saving you money and energy.

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