Hurricane Impact Windows

Florida is known for its beautiful sunshine paired with a fierce hurricane season. Regardless if you live south by Sarasota, on the coast in Tampa or St. Pete, or even in the middle of the state in Orlando, you’re bound to see some severe weather throughout the year. FAS Windows & Doors offers some of the safest, most reliable, yet aesthetically beautiful, ‘weather safe’ hurricane impact windows and doors. Additionally, our products are building code rated for the Southeast’s storm-prone weather.

Hurricane Impact Windows

Florida Regulations for Hurricane Protection

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew caused massive damage to Florida (not to mention the following year’s storms). That hurricane really taught residents that violent winds alone are not the major cause of window failure. The real cause is flying debris.

As a result, codes for hurricane protection now focus on impact protection for windows and doors, not just wind velocity.

The Florida Building Code (FBC) is a set of standards designed by the US state of Florida for buildings that outlines important regulations for hurricane protection. Miami-Dade County was the first in Florida to certify hurricane resistant standards for structures, which the Florida Building Code subsequently enacted across all requirements for Hurricane resistant buildings.

Hurricane Impact Windows

In fact, Miami-Dade County has the strictest protocols in the country for wind-borne hurricane debris, air and water tests.

The Miami-Dade Building Code requires that every exterior opening – residential or commercial – be provided with protection against wind-borne debris caused by hurricanes. Such protection could be impact-resistant products.

There are two types of impact-resistant products:
– Large-missile resistant

– Small-missile resistant

A product is tested as large-missile resistant after it has been exposed to various impacts with a piece of lumber weighing approximately 9 pounds, measuring 2” x 4” x 6” (no more than 8”) in size, traveling at a speed of 50 feet per second (34 mph). Then the product must pass positive and negative wind loads for 9,000 cycles, with impact creating no holes larger than 1/16 x 5” in the interlayer of the glass.

A product is declared small-missile resistant after it had been exposed to various impacts with 10 ball bearings traveling at a speed of 80 feet per second (50 mph). Then the product is subjected to wind loads for 9,000 cycles.

Additional Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows from FAS

The hurricane impact windows provided by FAS Windows & Doors are not only great for protecting your home from severe weather and dangerous debris, but they also provide:

Energy Efficiency – Energy efficient windows with vinyl frames and heavy-duty multi-chambered frames and standard laminated insulating glass provides energy savings from standard single pane glass.

Extra Security – The same impact resistant glass and construction used to protect against hurricanes also provides a strong deterrent to intruders – as the glass is shatter resistant.

Noise Reduction – Enjoy peace and quiet inside, even in the middle of noisy outdoor activities.

UV Protection – Impact windows with Sun Protection filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Hurricane Impact Window Partners

The uglier the weather, the more beautiful the windows with:

  • Andersen Windows – Stormwatch
  • Simonton Windows – StormBreaker Plus
  • PGT Windows – WinGuard
  • Soft-Lite –Barcelona 

Anderson Windows

Andersen window products with Stormwatch protection eliminate the need for shutters or plywood over your windows. With structural upgrades, impact-resistant glass and Perma-Shield exteriors, these hurricane windows are not only designed to stand up to building codes from Maine to Miami, they can stand up to Mother Nature – even when she throws a tantrum.

Stormwatch™ hurricane windows and other Andersen windows are put through testing in the lab and the field that few other windows endure. Their windows are exposed to wind speeds up to 155 MPH. Other Andersen windows face sudden temperature changes from -20F to 180F.

The impact resistant glass in Andersen hurricane windows help combat high winds and windborne debris while the PermaShield vinyl cladding resists the effects of salt water and sea air far better than an aluminum frame. Sash and panel reinforcements add stability during pressure shifts and stainless steel hinges and handles are anchored with extra fasteners that are corrosion resistant.

Simonton Windows

Simonton StormBreaker Plus hurricane windows provide safety and security for families from both storms and intruders. In addition, these hurricane windows offer increased sound and solar control. The power of the double-strength glass with the laminate interlayer actually reduces the amount of exterior noise and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which can penetrate the home.

When struck by a blunt object, like blowing debris or a crowbar, the glass in the windows may crack but the pieces do not fly out of the window frame they adhere to the heavy polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer.

Soft-Lite Windows

Soft-Lite Barcelona impact windows have been specially engineered to protect your home and loved ones from violent weather year round.

Barcelona “Impact Level D” windows can be installed practically anywhere, even right on the coastline. They passed ASTM Large Missile Impact Level D tests, and have also achieved “HVHZ” certification, which means they are tested and approved for high-velocity hurricane zones. They carry a DP 50 rating or better in accordance with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s 101 standard for air, water and structural wind load testing.

Our “Impact Level C” windows are ideal for non-coastal areas that are prone to violent weather and require windows that keep out wind and water. In addition to easily passing ASTM Large Missile Impact Level C Tests, these windows also carry a minimum DP 50 rating.

PGT Windows

PGT is the largest manufacturer of windows in the Southeast and has a full line of hurricane window products that meet the toughest wind-borne debris requirements in the nation Florida’s Miami-Dade County codes with their WinGuard line.

The Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA) for impact-resistant products is the best way to be sure that a window has been tested and meets all the requirements for hurricane protection in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade and Broward Counties).

FAS Windows & Doors is proud to carry all of these hurricane impact windows.


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