100% VIRGIN VINYL Will never yellow, flake or crack with excellent insulating properties that stand up against extreme weather conditions year after year and is virtually maintenance free

AIR-LOKS Added sash limiters to prevent sashes from raising or lowering more than 3”

ARGON GAS Argon gas reduces temperature transfer to help lower energy cost and keep your home comfortable all year long. Odorless, colorless, on-toxic inert gas between the panes of glass to reduce temperature transfer

BEVELED EXTERIOR An angled extension from the frame that adds an aesthetically-pleasing dimension to the exterior of the window

HIGH DENSITY NYLON ROLLERS FOR 2-LITE AND 3-LITE Smooth gliding rollers for a lifetime of carefree operation

CONDUCTION Heat transfer from one material to another by direct contact

CONTOURED LIFT RAILS Molded into the sash for a long-lasting performance

CONVECTION Heat transfer by currents that flow from a warm surface to a colder one

DUAL CAM LOCKS 180- degree self-contained lock for added security. Two locks on sashes over 28”, single lock under 28”

DENNY CLIP PIVOT SYSTEM Locks securely into the base to maintain perfect alignment of the sash for smooth operation

DUAL FIN WEATHER-STRIPPING Around the sash perimeter and triple weather stripping at the head and sill provide superior protection from outside elements

FLORIDA E Glass with a transparent metallic oxide coating applied onto or into a glass surface “the coating allows short wave energy to pass through, but reflects long wave infrared energy, which improves the U-value”

FLUSH-MOUNT TILT LATCHES Mechanism that unlocks the sash and allows it to tilt in from the main frame. Flush mount for superior look *Larger windows may require a top-mounted latch

FUSION WELDED FRAMES AND SASHES 45- degree welded corners to effectively stop air and water infiltration while assuring a true and square frame to reduce seal failure

GEOMETRIC Specifically designed windows classified as either straight line geometrics such as rectangles, triangles, trapezoid, octagons, pentagons, etc., or radius geometrics, which include half-rounds, quarter rounds, circles, ellipse, eyebrows, etc

INTERCEPT SPACER SYSTEM Unique U-shaped design keeps glass warmer for increased efficiency and comfort, while flexing and contracting to reduce seal failure

KEEPSAKE MAXIMUM GLASS .06 AND .09 An effective barrier against forced entry and extremely difficult to penetrate – deterring would-be intruders. Hurricane approved for flying debris that may break the exterior pane of glass while the interior laminated pane will stay intact to protect the inside of the home

LAP-LOK MEETING RAIL Overlaps and interlocks the sash to create a tight seal that virtually eliminates air and water infiltration

LIFT RAIL A hand-hold for raising and lowering the sash

MULTI-CHAMBERED FRAME AND PANEL PROFILES Increase strength and thermal performance

OBSCURE GLASS Glass that has been made translucent instead of transparent

R-VALUE Resistance material to heat flow. The higher the R-VALUE, the greater the resistance

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTANT FORCE BALANCE SYSTEN WITH COIL SPRING BALANCER Allows the sash to raise and lower smoothly, ensuring a lifetime of trouble-free operation

STC 35 RATING Sound-dampening plastic interlayer (.06 / .09) provides 50% sound reduction over standard glass and reduces unwanted outside noise

TEMPERED GLASS Safety glass that disintegrates into small, rounded particles instead of large, shape fragments

TRIPLE-STEP SLOPEED SILL Exclusive triple-stepped sill forces water away from the window more quickly than flat, conventional sills that help prevent your home from water infiltration, even in heavy rain

TURTLE CODE GLASS Grey-tinted glass used on windows facing the beachfront to dull the impact of light so that hatchlings turn toward the moon

U-VALUE Amount of heat transferred through a material. The lower U-Value 0the slower the transfer and the better insulating quality

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