Eagle Patio Doors

FAS Windows and Doors is your best bet for residential door products that exceed client expectations. We offer pristine Eagle patio doors that meet your budgets and specifications. From tact to custom-built homes, we provide diverse doors that match your residential construction needs. Find gliding patio doors available in infinite interior options and custom colors. Count on us to deliver unmatched freedom and unlimited possibilities with our diverse patio door options. Our fully customizable gliding patio doors feature an aluminum exterior and interior wood.

Create striking combinations and custom shapes with our flexible door options. Our patio doors also let you craft dramatic sizes that will suit your patios. Are you looking for contemporary designs that will match your sleek interiors? We deliver modern hardware that will fit the bill. Our Eagle patio doors guarantee top-notch energy efficiency while meeting your desired performance levels.

Our Eagle Patio Doors

Eagle Ascent Sliding Doors

Our sleek, classic doors provide the perfect open view of your exterior landscape. Choose between our sliding patio and the sliding French doors. Our French door lovers could opt for the classic 8″ or optional 12″ bottom rail design.

These doors are available in standard patio door sizes. Whether you prefer the single panel, 2-panel, or 4-panel configurations, we have everything for everyone. Upon request, you can also find the available custom sizes. If you prefer the sliding patio door, you could go with the narrow stiles or rails design.

Our exquisite exterior trim options add depth and traditional appeal to your house. Choose from our diverse sill nosing, brick mold casings, and profiled casings. Our custom colors and 50 exterior color options let you easily match or contrast the door trims.

Eagle Patio Doors

Sliding French Door Corner Section

Eagle Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Door Corner Section

Eagle Ascent Concealed Screens

At FAS Windows and Doors, we deliver innovative screens that appear when you need them and disappear when you don’t. Our concealed screens are available in complementary colors to match your sliding doors’ exterior. Worry less about damage with our blinds, which also guarantees minimal cleaning. Order our blinds to add an extra security layer on the concealed screens.

Eagle Hinged Patio Doors

Are you looking to adding more ventilation to your patio? Consider our Eagle hinged patio doors with contemporary and traditional styling options. Regardless of your home’s style, these doors will fit perfectly with your patios and make a dramatic statement to your visitors.

The traditional style panels are available in the 8″ and 12″ bottom rail heights. For the contemporary panels, you could opt for the 3 11/16″ or the 4 11/16″ rails & stiles. These Eagle patio doors are comprised of wood and aluminum exterior protections. Choose from our wide array of custom colors and stains. After placing your order, count on our certified contractors to install your door promptly.

Why Choose Eagle Patio Doors?

At FAS Windows and Doors, we offer reliable doors that rock multiple outstanding features. We deliver diverse wood options that are available as stained or unfinished. You could count on us for factory-finished stained options and painted interiors.

We are our best bet for diverse hardware styles that add a contemporary feel to your doors. Give your patios an authentic look with our comprehensive grille options. Whether you prefer the full divided light grille, simulated divided light, or removable interior wood grilles, we will install a suitable grille for your doors. Share with us your door goals, and we’ll deliver a convenient option for your house.

Our Eagle patio doors also feature dynamic glass performance options. We offer safety glasses that are standard on all our patio doors. Also, you could ask for our laminated glass doors that provide more strength, sound control, and enhanced security. Add a unique decorative touch to your patio with the patterned glass that will let in light while obscuring vision.

Leverage some of the best door features, including:


We deliver water/insect-resistant doors that are kiln-dried. The aluminum extrusions on the door’s exterior guarantee durability. Our patio doors also feature durable fiberglass that keeps out excess thermal energy.

Enhanced Security

Count on us for a multi-point locking system that guarantees your patio’s security. Enjoy extra protection from the unique reach-out design. Our locking solutions ensure that your door panel remains tightly closed with a weathertight seal.

Smooth Operation

Partner with us for smooth doors with ball-bearing steel roller assemblies in the operating panel. The stainless-steel roller assemblies offer a suitable alternative to ease door operations.

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Need help finding the best Eagle patio doors for your construction project? Our expert FAS Windows and Doors team is only a phone call away. We can help you install the perfect eagle patio doors that match your specifications. Contact us to make an appointment. We deliver top-rated industry doors while following the best practices during installation.

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