CWS Patio Doors


FAS is your best bet for impressive CWS patio doors. Expect nothing short of the best whenever you partner with FAS for patio doors. We supply doors that guarantee consistent performance, lasting a lifetime. Our patio doors feature weather resistance PVC panels and frames that boost durability.

Our Collection of CWS Patio Doors

These high-quality door products work suitably for residential and commercial use. The patio doors highlight superior quality, a common feature among CWS doors and windows. With CWS patio doors, you get the perfect combination of protection and beauty.

Vinyl Sliding Glass Patio Doors

FAS delivers sliding glass doors that guarantee aesthetic appeal and high performance. These sliding doors remain steady regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Also, you get to enjoy extensive unobstructed views from the sliding doors.

The CWS patio doors also feature stainless steel and an adjustable tandem roller system. Ease your movement through these doors with the state of the art technology available. Whether you prefer a solid white, solid bronze, or bronze/white finish, we have the perfect combinations to suit your taste and preferences. You could opt for the rain, obscure, tempered, or frosted finish for the glass finish.

These patio doors also feature an all-vinyl weather-resistant frame and panels. Custom sizes are available, letting you settle on a door that fits perfectly with your house. Also, you could choose from the multiple available configurations that feature nine panels and single or double pocket options.

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

If you’re looking for extreme durability, the aluminum sliding glass doors will fit the bill perfectly. These glass doors feature aluminum panels and frames. You could also ask for an attractive painted finish, either white or gold. The solid white and solid bronze frame colors also appeal to the eyes. With these doors, you’ll have an easier time guaranteeing resistance from other elements.

To prevent seal failure, the doors feature an energy-efficient non-metallic spacer system. Besides, the optional insulating glass and double weather-stripping step up your house’s air conditioning. Be sure to request custom-built doors that match your patio’s specifications. With such aluminum patio doors, you won’t experience any difficulty during installation.

Also, the aluminum sliding doors feature a multi-point mortise lock. Enjoy enhanced insect protection and better airflow. You won’t worry about ultraviolet and thermal damage thanks to the 1” argon-insulated glass. You could also order the available monolithic glass option. The screen mesh is also resistant to corrosion, rust, and stains.

These impact-resistant doors guarantee extra security in your house. Our FAS Windows and Doors experts are always on hand to help you settle on a door that best fits your patio’s needs. Our Icon Series aluminum patio doors hardly disappoint.

WindowPact Plus Patio Doors

Count on us for high-impact patio doors that combine structural integrity and energy efficiency. Secure your patios against intruders and hurricanes with these high-performance doors. Regardless of their effortless operation and stylish looks, these doors can easily outlive flying debris.

The patio doors also feature state of the art technology that guarantees protection and beauty. With these patio doors, you can preserve your building’s envelope from wind and other elements. WindowPact patio doors come in diverse frame colors, finishes, and grid materials.

Are you wondering how you’ll keep these doors clean? The patio doors guarantee effortless cleaning. Besides, the glass remains clearer for longer.

Leverage multiple other benefits from the door, including:

  • Unmatched energy efficiency and thermal protection
  • Unhindered natural lighting
  • Resistance from rogue natural elements
  • Exceeds Energy Star Standards

Why Choose CWS Patio Doors

Space is often at a premium in most patios. Your house requires gliding patio doors that ease your movement into and out of the deck. Besides, patio doors eliminate the risk of dealing with external obstacles. These top-rated patio doors guarantee unmatched homeowner satisfaction.

Regardless of your home’s architectural style, CWS patio doors deliver new dimensions of performance and satisfaction. These low-maintenance doors are suitable for any budget. The quality doors are your best bet for smooth operation and reliable performance.

CWS doors also have a reputation for better design flexibility. They also come with energy-efficient features that lower your utility bills. Let us improve your home with new dual pane patio doors. Weather protection doesn’t have to come in worn out drafty doors. Get the best protection without compromising on looks with our eye-catching options.

Partner with Us for the Best CWS Patio Doors

Are you having trouble settling on the best patio door for your home? Speak with our leading professional consultants to assess your house needs and help you select an ideal patio door. Our FAS Windows and Doors experts are always on hand to install the best doors.

We pride ourselves on upholding the highest industry standards while following the best business practices. Count on us for exceptional quality and service in your Florida home. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation appointment.

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