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Monday, October 12, 2009

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Question 1:
Does FAS WindowsDoors do installations only? 
FAS Windows & Doors only offers installation on products that were purchased with our company. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer installation on products that were purchased with another company.
Question 2:
Does FAS Windows & Doors sell or install Pet Doors?
At this time we do not offer the sale or installation of Pet Doors.  FAS Windows & Doors is also unable to install Patio Doors or French Doors to accommodate a Pet Door.
Question 3:
Will FAS Windows & Doors just sell me the materials, if I have my own installer?
Yes, at this time we can sell materials only and deliver it right to the job site for you, if it's local to one our showrooms. 
Question 4:
Can FAS Windows & Doors enclose a patio area with glass or otherwise?
To enclose a patio, Florida code requires at least one electrical outlet on every wall, A/C and heat piped into the area and slab has to be at least 6 inches thick, and this entire area needs to be under an insulated roof.  If all these conditions are met, FAS Windows & Doors can install windows in your patio area. 
Florida code regulations do not have to be met if you are installing Plexiglass or Lexand windows, however FAS Windows & Doors does not carry these products.
Question 5:
Does FAS Windows & Doors sell Bay, Bow or Garden Windows?
Unfortunately at this time, Bay, Bow, and Garden windows do not meet Florida's very strict wind zone codes and therefore have not been approved for installation within Florida.  However, if you have a window that has a bay style, but is separated by wood or block framing, FAS Windows & Doors can replace those windows, as they are not a true bay window.
Brett Roth 10/12/2009

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I've checked with other people who used FAS and they had good experiences with them, so I got windows, doors, and sliding glass doors from them. I had lots of weird-sized entrances, like in an old house, and I was able to customize my order. It was great and very easy with the sales rep. He walked me through all the products and the cost and helped me figure out what makes sense. Then he checked in and made sure everything was going well. The installation team got the work done fast and were super neat. And the products I got are fantastic.
Review from March 18, 2017 , 09/24/2015
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