Top 3 Factors When Buying New Windows for Your Tampa Home

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Whether you’re building a new home in the Tampa area, or just refreshing an older one, high quality windows can really make a huge difference in the style and efficiency of a home.

When choosing new windows, what are the top factors that professionals look for?

Here’s a look at the top three considerations:

1. Quality Product

Cutting costs by sacrificing quality can end up costing you more money in the long run. With high-quality windows that ensure durability and energy efficiency, you get a product that will not only upgrades the style of your home, but also enhances the functionality.

For instance, many high-quality windows are actually engineered to make cleaning easier. For example, double-hung windows with the latest internal constant force balance system allow you to easily maneuver the sashes up and down.

2. Design Flexibility

One of the biggest reasons that people choose the windows they do is because of the design. You want your windows to be cohesive with your home’s design and match your décor.

From window styles to frame materials to grid design options, there’s a lot to consider when you start to think about your window design.

Here are some examples of the different types of window styles you can choose from:


  • Double Hung Windows – One of the most common types of windows. They are easy to clean because of the inward tilting sash and can be opened by lowering the top or raising the bottom sash.
  • Slider Windows – Sliders glide horizontally from side to side. The contemporary profile allows for more natural light.
  • Casement Windows – These usually consist of one large sash that is hinged vertically and opens by swinging out. This style of window provides open views and full ventilation.
  • Awning Windows – These windows are hinged at the top and opened by tilting the window out from the bottom. Most popular in coastal areas and in bathrooms, these windows create the appearance of an awning when open. 
  • Bay or Bow Windows – A combination of three or more angled windows that add dimension to a home.
  • Picture Windows – Picture windows are fixed and can’t be opened. They’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are also the most energy efficient window style because of their fixed state. 


To see other design options when selecting windows from FAS Windows & Doors, download our helpful guide:

FAS New Windows Guide


3. Energy Efficiency

The last factor that professionals look for when selecting windows is their energy efficiency. While most new windows are energy efficient, there are several most advanced options that can increase its efficiency – for example, adding low-e coating, gas fills, and ensuring that they’re ENERGY STAR certified.

Especially with Florida homes, it’s important to take energy efficiency into account when selecting windows. With powerful UV rays and intense heat, energy-efficient windows can mean a bigger saving in your utility bills for years and years.

If you’re ready to choose the perfect windows for your Tampa home, give us a call today at 877-289-0825 or stop by our Tampa showroom to see full-size samples of the different product lines we carry.

3 factors for new windows

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