The Great Brevard Duck Race

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
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The 20Big 20Duck 20DumpFifteen thousand yellow rubber duckies dressed with sunglasses will be released into water during the Indian River Festival at Sand Point Park in Titusville where they will "race” to the finish line to win prizes for their "parents." This event is known as The Great Brevard Duck Race. It will take place on April 18th. People make donations to Crosswinds by "adopting" ducks for the Race.  Ducks can be adopted on-line at substantial early-Duck savings by clicking here
The Great Brevard Duck Race is the major annual fundraiser for Crosswinds Youth Services Florida which helps troubled young people to reach their fullest potential and to develop critical skills such as leadership. There are several outreach programs to help better themselves. In addition, Crosswinds Youth Services also provide information and referral services, assessment, service planning, counseling and case management services as a tool for parents in need of help or answers.
Come join FAS at the race and adopt your duck now. Here's a list of prizes for the "parents" of the winning ducks. 
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