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Saturday, May 8, 2010
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From the previous blogs, I had mention Todd Schnitt and Dick Ring. FAS’s very own, Ernie and John Wilding, had a chance to meet both radio personalities. DSC01915Ernie was impressed with the many years Dick Ring had put into this industry and the great following he has developed over his career. Ring told them about his upcoming trip to China that weekend. It was a smooth meeting like the sound of his voice.  
The meeting with Todd Schnitt was also an interesting one. They hit it off from the start. Schnitt let Ernie and John into his daily routine for show preparation. DSC01914Eventually, they start talking about racing. Schnitt himself has a Corvette that he tracks on occasion. Just like John, Schnitt has driven his car at Sebring. 
Speaking of racing, stay tune for FAS and their ties to racing sport cars.
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