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Tuesday, August 7, 2012
When you invest in replacement windows and doors, you want to make sure your products are insured to last. That's where the importance of a warranty comes in. FAS Windows & Doors is proud to carry products that offer superior warranty policies.

Andersen Owner-to-Owner Warranties

Many window warranties end when the home is sold. Other companies like Andersen have Owner-to-Owner warranties in which the warranty is transferred to the new home owner. Andersen's 100 percent coverage, including 20 years on glass, is not prorated and the coverage offers full benefits. The result is real value is added to your home—and tremendous savings in case the neighbor kids decide to put a baseball through your window.

Simonton Double Lifetime Warranties

Simonton, a industry favorite both by home owners and J.D. Power and Associates, offers a double-lifetime warranty for many of their products, including StormBreaker Plus, Prism, and Reflections. For a Residential Warranty Holder, the Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferable by the original homeowner one time to the next residential home owner. Again, this warranty is benefiical if you are ever looking to resell your home.

Have more questions about product warranties? Our team is always available to help. Call our showroom to schedule an appointment today, or reserve a time for a free, no obligation in-home consultation.
Elizabeth Rissman 8/7/2012

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I've checked with other people who used FAS and they had good experiences with them, so I got windows, doors, and sliding glass doors from them. I had lots of weird-sized entrances, like in an old house, and I was able to customize my order. It was great and very easy with the sales rep. He walked me through all the products and the cost and helped me figure out what makes sense. Then he checked in and made sure everything was going well. The installation team got the work done fast and were super neat. And the products I got are fantastic.
Review from March 18, 2017 , 09/24/2015
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