FAS Windows & Doors Referral Program

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Think back to the first time you heard about FAS Windows & Doors. For many of you, it was through a friend or colleague.

What if you could tell your friends about FAS Windows & Doors, saving them time and hassle, while landing yourself a gift card — all at the same time?

With our referral program, you can do just that.

How our referral program works

It’s simple. Fill out our referral letter.

For every two referrals you contribute, FAS Windows & Doors will give you a $25 gift card to any one of the venues or fine dining locations we have listed in the letter.

If any of your referrals become one of our valued customers, FAS Windows & Doors will send you a check for $100.00. It is that easy!

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pf changs
seasons 52
cal pizza
home depot

R. Wilding 11/20/2013

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