Decorate Your Glass: Art Glass Enhances Your Home

Thursday, October 14, 2010
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   Are you working to achieve your personal style in your home? Do you want to reflect this style in your windows or doors? Maybe you should consider some decorative art glass. Andersen® art glass is handcrafted from the best quality materials, and is a custom work of art from artisans, who pride themselves on meticulous attention to detail while also utilizing century-old techniques. Using these century old techniques brings authenticity that is unique to Andersen®, and more importantly, more unique to you.
   The Andersen 400 Series products features these 11 decorative art glass options. There is quite the variety of options available within the Frank Lloyd Wright® Series, the Artisan Series and the Classic Series, so your personal style can easily be reflected in your windows.
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   For more information regarding glass options and products, contact FAS WindowsDoors at 1-888-422-1960. If you have any questions you'd like to submit online, you can always ask our FAS expert! Call us today to schedule your FREE in-home estimate!
Katie Pettit 10/14/2010

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