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Monday, September 6, 2010

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As previously mentioned, Building Homes for Heroes will be present at the Orlando Home Show. This organization provides help for our wounded and disabled veterns and their families to rebuild their lives. Many soliders come back from their assigned temporary stations burned, with missing limbs and other things we take for granted. The goal of Building Homes for Heroes is to help build homes for families in need. "We believe that it’s our responsibility to support those who have been called upon to make the ultimate personal sacrifice — to protect and safeguard our country by fighting America’s War on Terror."
On their website, you will explore the different stories of the soliders that they have helped. Below is a picture of one of the homes they worked on. It was for Staff Sergean William Castillo who received the purple heart for his dedication to help other wounded soliders during his unfortunate attack. If you would like to help, start a fundraiser of your own to help this amazing cause. Or you can donate to help more families in need. 
Castillo Groundbreaking Event - Building Homes For Heroes
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