Replacement Patio Doors

How Much Does a Replacement Patio Door Cost?

If your patio door is foggy, leaking when it rains, or is difficult to open and close, you might be thinking about finding a replacement patio door. If that is the case, the next question you might have is How much is this going to cost me? Home Advisor estimates the average cost to install any door to be between $906 and $1,412. They have also found that interior doors are often less expensive to purchase and install. Exterior doors tend to be heavier and need to have perfectly executed install...

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Styles of French Doors That Can Transform Your Patio

When you are considering replacing your patio doors, there are a few styles of French doors that should be tops on your list. Your living space can be transformed by simply replacing your doors with new energy-efficient French doors. Here are a few well-crafted French door styles that will make a scenic entrance to the outdoors, while providing a beautiful view from the inside. Hinged French Doors This style is a timeless classic due to the traditional craftsmanship, combining with modern energy...

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Sliding Glass Door Maintenace

Most people aren’t informed that regular maintenance pasting is necessary to extend the life of your sliding glass door and following a few common sense ideas will save you both money and aggravation. Here are a few things you should know about your sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors have many moving parts, and like all moving parts they have the potential to wear down and wear out. The moving parts of a sliding glass door are the rollers, wheels, locks and latches. The non-moving pa...

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Andersen Patio Doors are Easy-to-Use and Energy Efficient

Customers and industry experts love Andersen windows and doors because they utilize high quality wood while delivering optimal performance. Learn how Andersen crafts easily operable and energy efficient patio doors. Sliding patio doors from Andersen are easy to operate Performance on Andersen sliding patio doors is simply unbeatable. Unlike some patio doors that are difficult to open and close, Andersen doors glide from side to side providing optimal usability. Adjustable ball bearing rollers cr...

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Andersen Garden Doors: Maximize Your Space

Looking to combine the functionality of a door with the beauty of a window? Let the sunshine in while maximizing your living space with garden doors by Andersen. Garden doors open a world of possibilities A garden door , also known as a hinged patio door, has one or more panels made primarily of glass. Most often, at least one of the panels has the capability to swing out. Consumers choose garden doors because they function like conventional replacement doors while letting in natural light which...

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How to Choose Beautiful Andersen Garden Doors

Andersen Garden Doors combine the best features of a quality windows and patio doors. A hinged patio or garden door has one or more panels made primarily of glass, with at least one of the panels capable of swinging in or out. This is a beautiful way to save space in your home while maximizing functionality for high traffic areas. Look for a Low U-Factor Andersen Garden Doors let in the warmth and light of a window while creating an entryway. When it comes to window and patio door U-Factor, the ...

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Two tips to buying patio doors you'll love for a lifetime

Patio doors serve as the gateway between your home's interior and luxurious outside entertaining. However, patio doors can take a beating from severe weather conditions, especially if you live near the coast. Here are two tips to help you select beautiful and long-lasting replacement patio doors . Select sustainable replacement materials Custom patio doors made from aluminum, vinyl, or wood-clad materials will provide longevity. Aluminum patio doors from PGT use double-weatherstripping technique...

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Anderson Patio Doors

choice ofWhat To Look For Compare NFRC ratings When it comes to window or door U-Factor, the lower the better - and the less you'll spend heating and cooling. It's an easy, accurate way to compare the energy efficiency of windows. Slide the door open. Gliding patio doors should sound and feel like they're floating, not sliding. On Andersen gliding patio doors, adjustable ball bearing rollers riding on hardened stainless steel create a smooth, quiet, long-lasting ride. Throw the lock. The unique ...

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PGT Sliding Glass Door 470

Sophiep's Take on Things.... PGT Industries and FAS Windows & Doors are here to provide you another option for your next replacement sliding glass door. The PGT SGD 470 units are vinyl-framed and energy efficient. This series can be ordered from one to eight panels, up to four tracks and are five-foot-wide panels. It's a "panoramic view" that will take your breath away. FAS Windows & Doors do custom sizes so this series will be the perfect fit for your replacement patio doors. It comes w...

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Eagle Sliding Doors: Designs Unlimited

Brett Roth's insight into Eagel Doors Ascent Sliding Doors Ascent sliding doors are available in two styles — sliding French and sliding patio . Sliding French door designs include a classic 8" or optional 12" bottom rail, while our sliding patio door design features narrow stiles and rails. Sliding French Door Corner Section Sliding Patio Door Corner Section Ascent concealed screens These innovative screens are built into concealed housing that hides the screen when not in use. It's there...

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