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French Doors: Luxury Living That’s Affordable and Secure

As the name implies, French doors originated in France during the 16 th century. Their purpose was to light interiors more efficiently by modifying solid doors with panes of glass called lights. In addition to allowing more light to filter in, these doors also helped maintain an even temperature throughout the year. Today, French doors have kept the same original purposes, but have obviously been upgraded over time. Modern, impact-resistant French door systems provide protection from extreme wea...

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The Beauty and Benefits of French Doors

The "French door" style has a storied and iconic image. These double doors often offer more than beautifully paned glass-they offer a wide variety of aesthetic benefits. French doors add value and class in many ways. Here are several features French doors can add to your home. Versatility French doors are customizable. This makes them attractive to many people. They come individually or as a pair of doors, depending on the entryway you prefer. Double doors provide a wider entry and more space fo...

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Two Benefits of French Doors

Recent trends in replacement doors show products combining superior aesthetics with usability. Stunning and easy-to-use, French doors have been a homeowner favorite for years. Learn more on the benefits of using French doors in you home. Replacement French doors maximize living space Replacement French doors break visual and spatial barriers in your home. Their use of large glass surface areas erase the visual barrier between you and the outside, making the room appear larger. In addition, hinge...

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FAS Windows & Doors: Carrying Three Quality Brands of French Doors

French Doors are known for their beauty and ability to wow a crowd. FAS Windows & Doors is proud to carry seven french door options from leading manufacturers such as Andersen, Simonton, and Eagle. Andersen French Doors in Orlando Andersen is awarded top ratings by JD Power & Associates year after year because of their commitment to quality materials and superior useability. Andersen French Doors utilize techniques such as Permashield , a sleek, low maitenance design that maximizes glass...

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French Door Security: Burglary Prevention

Replacement French Doors add light and beauty to your living space, but larger glass surfaces act as vulnerable entry points for intruders. Here's how to have the artistry of French Doors without compromising safety. Laminated Glass Increases Security Fortifying your custom French Doors with laminated security glass will decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Since glass is typically more fragile than wood or vinyl, an intruder can easily break French Door windows with a crowbar or steel-toed bo...

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It's a Wood-erful World with the Andersen Advantage

Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows and Doors, writes... It's a Wood-erful World When you Have the Advantage of Andersen! Have you thought about replacing your french doors? Or your patio doors? If you've done a bit of research on the subject, you've most likely heard of Andersen. Andersen wood interiors feature superb styling, with no visible finger joint seams, allowing the wood's natural beauty to shine as the star of your home. The natural wood supplies structural stability and is one of the m...

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Neuma French Doors: An Overview

Brett Roth's Insight into Neuma Doors Nuema Doors provides a unique selection of old-world, traditional or modern elegance to your home, while offering incredible safety, visibility, durability, ease of maintenance and access to your home. Design Features: -Multi-Point Lock Our superior, multi-point lock system increases security and enhances performance by providing smooth operation. The multi-point lock is standard on all 8’ units. -Glass Options Our standard doors come with 5/8 insulate...

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