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Top Benefits of Choosing Fiberglass Over Wood for Your New Entry Door

If your front door is warped, discolored, or just plain outdated, you might be thinking about buying a new entry door. But Choosing the Perfect Front Door for Your Tampa Home can be a bit intimidating, especially when you start to compare materials and costs. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want a fiberglass, steel, or wood door. For this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the differences between fiberglass and wood doors and what their differe...

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Choosing the Perfect Front Door for Your Tampa Home

Upgrading your front door is one of the top renovation trends for 2016 because the added value it gives to your home translates into an instant return on investment. But the variety of doors available could leave you wondering which one is really the best for your Tampa home. When selecting a new door for your home, there are a few things to consider including material, size and style. There are also a couple things to consider based on your location. Find out more by reading on! Door Materials ...

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5 Ways a New Entry Door Improves Your Tampa Home

Though there are plenty of ways to upgrade the exterior of your home, from landscaping to a fresh coat of paint, there is one quick and simple way that makes a big impression every time – installing a new exterior door. This fairly low cost option not only gives your home additional curb appeal, but it also has several other benefits. Up-to-date materials and construction give newer doors additional overall durability and greater insulating properties, which can create an entrance that is ...

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The Best Types of Wood for Doors

As homeowners, we do a lot to keep our homes in prime condition. We regularly clean and redecorate the interior. We even add a new coat of paint to the exterior every other year to keep everything looking spick and span. Sometimes, weather, the sun, and other factors work against our efforts. For example, a particularly wet spring or bad humidity could cause the front door on a home to warp. Or perhaps a bedroom door cracked down the middle. Whatever the case, these doors need replacing. If you ...

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7 Halloween Window and Door Decorations

Most of the year, your windows and doors are just another part of your home. But when Halloween rolls around, they play an important role in Halloween decorations. With just a few seasonal decorations, you can turn your home from drab and ordinary into a haunted spectacle. Read on to learn about seven window and door decorations and how they can get your home ready for Halloween. 1. Wreaths Wreaths are a simple way to make any home feel a little more festive around Halloween time. One of the bes...

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8 Reasons You Should Buy A Fiberglass Entry Door

You've wanted a new front entry door for a while now. You loved your door when it was first installed, but over time, it warped in the hot, humid sun. Now, it looks less than ideal with its aged and discolored wood. You're also learning just how expensive it is to maintain a solid oak door. Worst of all, you worry that your residence looks uninviting to guests. So what type of door should you get as a replacement? In this blog, we discuss the numerous advantages of fiberglass entry doors and why...

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Choose from a Wide Selection of Patio and French Doors in Tampa

People from all over the world envy your locale because you live in Florida's lush, beautiful environment. Whether your back door features a view of the ocean or simply showcases your gorgeous yard, you want to make the most of that view. Enhance your view and fill your home with sunlight when you purchase patio or French doors from Tampa's FAS Exteriors. Since 2005, FAS Exteriors has provided its neighbors in St. Pete, Tampa, and Orlando with quality doors, windows, and exterior coatings. We un...

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Making a Grand Entrance: 4 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Front Door

How many times do you walk through your front door every year? How many times do friends, family members, and other visitors walk through your front door? Hundreds? Maybe even thousands? Your front door welcomes you home after a long day at school or work. It provides a barrier between you and the world when you need some room to breathe. It's the first thing visitors see when they approach your home. And whether you realize it or not, your front door conveys your home's personality and characte...

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10 Reasons Door Manufacturers Use Galvanized Steel

As you hunt for a new front door, you find a lot of options-sidelights, hardware, and style. But one of the most fundamental choices you must make is material. You see many doors featuring galvanized steel. Their descriptions boast unparalleled durability and cost economy. But what is galvanization? Why does a door manufacturer use it over another material? And why should you choose it over the other options you have. In this blog, you'll see the process of galvanization and learn the top 10 rea...

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What Does Your Door Color Say About You?

Do you ever wonder why we gravitate to certain colors? Like having five blue shirts in your wardrobe and none that are orange. Or purchasing a red car for no particular reason. If you see a color that you like or dislike, you may be responding to the emotions or stereotypes affiliated with that color. Specific shades may influence more of our lives than we think. Think about the color of your front door: did you pick out the color yourself or change the color when you moved in? Maybe you think y...

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Entry Door Considerations

At FAS we hope you and your family had a wonderful and safe 4th of July. A popular 4th of July tradition is to decorate the front door with a patriotic themed wreath or floral decoration; and this year was no exception with many Central Florida homes being decorated with red, white and blue. While decorating your door for the 4th you may have noticed that your entry door may need to be updated. Your front door is the entrance to your home and can have an immense impact on the first impression of...

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Increase Curb Appeal - Replace Your Entry Door

Undoubtingly a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home is to replace your front door. Whether you’re selling your home or just want to update its old weary look, that first impression your home gives from the street or sidewalk is key to how your house is perceived. Your home’s front door is the centerpiece of the home and eyes are naturally drawn to it.It’s where you welcome the world to your home, and it sets the tone for your entire house. In addition to adding cu...

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Signet Fiberglass Doors by Provia: Beauty and Durability in One

Your front door is an invitation to the rest of your home. Ensure your entry door makes the right statement by investing in Signet Fiberglass Doors by Provia . Provia Doors Stand Up to the Elements Although beautiful, wood doors are susceptible to rot and wear in wet climates such as Central Florida. Provia utilizes an unique woodgrain and embossing system to replicate the look of wood in a fiberglass door. The result is a high-performing, structurally superior door customers...

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Factory Direct Doors Means Cost Savings (And Less Headaches) for Homeowners

If you've noticed higher prices in the replacement window and door market, it could be due to supply chain mark-ups. Learn how purchasing doors factory direct keeps costs down for the homeowner and creates a more streamlined buying process. Factory Direct Reduces Costs for Consumers The replacement window and door industry works similarly to other retail markets--products move through several providers in a supply chain. The more times a product comes in contact with a provider, a price mark-up ...

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ProVia's Stunningly Beautiful Fiberglass Doors

Love the appearance of wood entry doors, but hate the upkeep? Take a look at the Signet Fiberglass Series from ProVia . The resemblance to real wood is remarkable, and fiberglass outperforms real wood in extreme weather conditions. Learn more about how ProVia creates unique custom doors for your home. ProVia: An authentic wood look ProVia has received a large amount of buzz in recent years regarding their Signet Fiberglass Doors. ProVia replacement doors have the realistic appearance of wood, ye...

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Increase Your Home Security While You're Away

You may have noticed: Temperatures are in the high 90s, and the kids are out of school. It's official--summer vacation has arrived. Summer is often a time when families look forward to spending some quality time together by going on vacation, but recent increases in home burglaries make home owners reluctant to leave. Here are some easy steps you can take to keep your home secure while you're away . Install Heavy-Duty Hardware and Security Glass Investing in substantive locks and hardware in ent...

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ProVia Doors: Customizing Your Perfect Replacement Door

Your front entry door is an invitation to the rest of your home. Make a statement that reflects your unique personal style with a custom front door. FAS Windows & Doors offers large varieties of color, wood finishes, and glass options so you can custom tailor your perfect ProVia entry door. ProVia Custom Doors: Beauty and Longevity Combined When you make an investment in your home such as replacement doors , choose one you will love for a lifetime. ProVia is an industry leader in custom fron...

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The Perfect French Door

This weekend the FAS Windows and Doors team attend the Daytona Beach Home Show. We also brought along with us our Anderson French. We had many new and old customers stop by an admire the Anderson door. Customers were impressed with how well the door preformed and looked. The Andersen adjustable patio door hinge system with ball bearing pivots produces an effortless maneuver. The unique Andersen® 3-point locking system secures top, bottom and center of the door with one trouble-free motion. ...

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A Door Can Make A World Of Change

A front door is the first thing people notice about a home, along with landscaping a beautiful door expresses the personality of the homeowner. Whether the door is wood or glass it can make or break the WOW factor of the home. You can build that multi million dollar mansion and still not draw the attention to the home. There are many choices when it comes to choosing a front door and beauty is an important part but make sure you also think of practicality too. When choosing a door make sure you ...

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ProVia Doors The Professional Way

Looking to do door replacement in the home? Why not stop in our showroom and check our line of ProVia doors? When purchasing a Pro Via Door you can rest assured that you are purchasing a door that is made from the highest quality materials. ProVia doors start with 20 gauge steel that gives you 49% more steel than a consumer grade door. Pro Via Doors are extremely durable and are backed by a limited lifetime transferable warranty. Along with their durability, most Pro Via doors qualify for the En...

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ProVia Door Has Sustained Excellence!

Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes... FAS Windows & Doors is proud to offer a wide variety of products for various budgets. Beyond the wide array of window and doors we carry, we are proud to offer products that are energy efficient. FAS Windows & Doors is excited to be teamed up with manufacturers that take environmental stewardship seriously, like ProVia Door. This environmental stewardship and excellence has been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departm...

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The Safety of ProVia Entry Doors

Sophiep's Take on Things.... What makes ProVia Entry Doors safe? Well, there are multiple factors : 20-gauge security plate A 20-gauge security plate reinforces the lock and deadbolt area of all full wood framed doors providing extra security & strength and to help prevent kick-ins Trilennium Multi-point hardware Trilennium hardware has a 3-point locking system and is required hardware for all 8' Signet ® and Heritage ™ Fiberglass doors providing security and offers better door cl...

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ProVia Door Earns 5th Consecutive ENERGY STAR® Award for Door Manufacturing

Sophiep's Take on Things.... More great news! ProVia Door has earned the ENERGY STAR ® Sustained Excellence Award for Door Manufacturing. This is the fifth year in a row. Gorell was chosen because their products reduced greenhouse gas emission and basically producing energy efficient products. Out of 17,000 organizations that participated in the Energy Star program, Gorell made it through! ProVia Door has been part of the Energy Star program since 2002 and still has made a name for itself. ...

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