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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season in Tampa, FL

Updated: May 29, 2019 The beginning of June marks the start of Hurricane Season in Florida, which runs from June 1 – November 30. Which according to forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA , will be plenty active this year. NOAA predicts a likely range of 9 to 15 named storms winds of 39 mph or higher , of which 4 to 8 could become hurricanes winds of 74 mph or higher , including 2 to 4 major hurricanes category 3, 4 or 5; with winds of 111 mph or higher . I...

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Standard Windows vs Impact Windows for Florida Homes

When the time comes for you to window shop literally , price is always going to be a factor – which is what leads some homeowners to choose standard windows instead of impact resistant windows for their homes. While this could save money in the short term, come hurricane season it could be a costly mistake. That’s because impact windows, while still beautiful and similar to standard windows, are made to withstand high winds and the impact of flying objects – unlike standard win...

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Prepare Your Tampa Home with Hurricane Impact Windows

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is forecasted to be less active than the couple couples year, according to an update from the Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State University - but that doesn’t mean that we’re necessarily in the clear. There are still predicted to be 10 named storms this season, including four hurricanes – one of those is expected to be categorized as a major hurricane Category 3 or stronger . While this doesn’t mean that any of those storms w...

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Protect Your Home Against the Unexpected with Impact Resistant Windows

Originally developed to help protect homes from the severe weather we experience in Florida, impact resistant windows and doors have also gained popularity for another reason… Adding a layer of security for your home against intruders. That was the exact outcome for Dania Beach, FL homeowners who were thankful for that added protection a few years ago. The surveillance video from their home caught two would-be thieves attempting to break into their home on Christmas night after ringing the...

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Protecting Yourself and Your Home Before, During, and After a Hurricane

Another hurricane season lies just around the corner. And if you're like most Florida residents, you've probably worried a little about the impending storms. Between driving rains and forceful winds, hurricanes have the potential to destroy homes, commercial buildings, and entire cities. To help you and your home weather the storms, we put together the following list of actions you should take before, during, and aft er a hurricane. Whether you're new to Florida or have lived here your whole lif...

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Hurricane Facts, Tips & Tricks

Did you know that, on average, nearly 40% of the hurricanes that hit the United States occur in Florida? Homeowners in this part of the country face unique challenges as they try to protect their investment from upcoming storms. These tropical storms must contain wind speeds of at least 74 mph to be classified as "hurricanes." By the time you see the next hur ricane, you won't have the time you need to protect your home. Don't wait. The best way to hurricane proof your home is to begin takin g p...

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Central Florida Storms

If you live in Central Florida, you know that summer is officially here and along with that comes the daily dose of afternoon thunderstorms . However, lately the storms have been more prominent and frequent that what seems to be normal of the past. Severe weather warnings are becoming a standard afternoon practice for many areas in Central Florida. Predictably so, the recent rash of storms has increased the amount of inquiries we have received on storm related window and door products. At FAS we...

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Hurricane Windows Versus Hurricane Panels: Which One is Right For You?

Florida living definitely has its perks: Breath-taking landscapes, days filled with sunshine, and a climate that makes our Northern neighbors insanely jealous come winter-time. But there are some weather conditions in Florida for which every resident should be prepared: Hurricanes and heavy rain. Protect your home by educating yourself on hurricane windows and panels, and which one is right for you. Hurricane Windows: The ultimate in protection Good protection from hurricane force winds start wi...

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As Hurricane Season Heats Up, Homeowners Turn Attention to Hurricane Panels

With Isaac barreling toward the Panhandle, many homeowners are rethinking their perspective on storm panels. Learn how storm panels can protect your home against some of the nastiest weather Mother Nature can throw at you. Hurricane panels for every home Hurricane or storm panels are a great way to protect your home if you are looking to maintain your current window options. Storm panels can be stored in a safe place until they are needed, or can be installed in clear lexan so you can still enjo...

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Hurricane Impact Windows from Simonton

The year 2004 hurricane season was one of the most notorious in Florida history. The combination of Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne left Florida in shambles and homeowners scrambling to pick up the pieces of damaged homes. While many houses were destroyed, some were left standing. Learn how hurricane impact windows from Simonton keep your family safe during a storm. Invest in hurricane impact windows today for a worry-free tomorrow Hurricane impact windows are tested to resist impa...

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PGT WinGuard Vinyl: Hurricane Impact Protection for Your Home

For over 25 years, PGT has been a pioneer in custom vinyl products and sells more residential impact-resistant windows and doors than anyone else in the business. Learn how PGT WinGuard products safeguard your home against hurricanes. PGT WinGuard stands up to the elements PGT WinGuard products meet strict code requirements for hurricane windows . Like security windows, PGT WinGuard glass stays intact after impact. Even after WinGuard products have been hit by a airborne projec...

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Florida Hurricane Windows: Design Pressure Ratings

June marks the beginning of a new hurricane season. Are you prepared? Design Pressure ratings for windows makes sure your custom windows will stand up high force winds. FAS Windows & Doors has three processes in place to ensure the replacement windows you choose will keep your family safe in event of a hurricane. In most areas in Florida, the minimum DP rating for hurricane windows is 35, but it can be higher in hig h velocity hurricane zones . Sales representatives carry laptops and use man...

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Three Benefits of Hurricane Storm Panels

Protect the investment you make in your home. To celebrate FAS Windows & Doors new hurricane storm panel website page, we've given you three ways storm panels benefit your Florida home. Hurricane panels provide increased protection One of the great things about living in Florida is you're never too far from the beach. However, in the event of a hurricane, proximity to the coast means sustained winds of up to 150 miles an hour. Debris and tree branches can become lethal when hurled through a ...

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Eagle HarborMaster Systems

Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes... Are you looking at impact products this fall? Have you looked into Eagle's HarborMaster Systems? All of the benefits of Eagle brand, the Andersen name, and impact testing formulate this coastal impact product into a true contendor on the hurricane impact market. The testing process for Eagle's HarborMaster Systems includes firing a wood 2X4 out of a cannon at 50 feet per second at a door or window many times. The window or door then faces 9,000 pressu...

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What is an R-Value?

Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes... One of the first things a homeowner should inquire about when considering options for windows is the R-value. The R-value is an specified number that comes from a standard testing procedure to evaluate a material's "resistance to conductive heat transfer". The greater the R-value, the greater a window's resistance to conductive heat transfer. R-value is the standard measurement of thermal efficiency . The greater the R-value, the larger the insulating...

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Sign Me Up for Simonton!

Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes... Sign Me Up for Simonton! Simonton understands that residents of coastal areas want the best impact protection available against strong storms and high winds. That's why Simonton Stormbreaker Plus windows are designed to be extremely strong. Plus, they're constructed of premium vinyl to achieve excellent thermal efficiency. Most importantly, these windows provide years of beauty with very minimal mainte nance. Simonton StormBreaker Plus vinyl windows l...

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Keeping You Safe From The Storm

Eagle's HarborMaster Systems Designed for the impact market, Eagle's HarborMaster systems use monolithic or insulated laminated glass in combination with structural enhancements to meet or exceed the stringent code requirements of ASTM and TAS testing protocol. Eagle's testing includes firing a wood 2X4 at a window or door numerous times from a cannon at 50 feet per second, and then subjecting it to 9,000 pressure cycles to simulate sustained high winds. Selecting the appropriate glass for coast...

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Simonton's StormBreaker

Brett Roth's Insight Into Windows The right choice for the ultimate coastal protection Simonton understands that residents of coastal areas want the best impact protection available against strong storms and high winds. That's why Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows are designed to be extremely strong. Plus, they're constructed of premium vinyl to achieve excellent thermal efficiency. And most importantly they provide years of beauty with almost no maintenance. Strong Simonton StormBreaker Plus v...

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