Product Lines

You might find yourself wondering why Simonton Windows has so many different product lines.  The answer is simple.  Some lines are designed to be installed by local distributors that specialize in windows and doors, while others are designed to be installed by contractors or remodelers.  And some of the Simonton product lines are designed for certain geographic areas only.  Still others are available only through exclusive distributors.

Simonton Impressions

Simonton Impressions products are premium vinyl replacement windows and doors that you'll find at FAS.  Within the Simonton Impressions line, you'll find a host of special options and features designed to bring energy efficiency and beauty to your home. Download the Simonton Impressions brochure here.

Simonton Reflections

Simonton Reflections products are top-quality vinyl replacement windows and doors that are installed by FAS.  The Simonton Reflections line includes 5500, 5300, 5050 series products, so you can find the right window and door with the right features at the right price.  Click on the above product lines to download the reflections product brochure.  

Simonton StormBreaker Plus

Simonton StormBreaker Plus 300VL products are impact resistant windows and doors for replacement and new construction projects that feature durable steel or aluminum reinforced vinyl frames and impact-resistant laminated glass for protection against windborne debris during high wind events.  Download the Simonton StormBreaker Plus brochure here.

Simonton StormBreaker

Simonton StormBreaker Series 100VL vinyl replacement products are designed for use in areas where high winds are common, and are designed to comply with building codes that vary from area to area.
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From Our Customers

"Mary and I want to thank you for suggesting the Simonton Windows this past winter being one of the coldest here in Florida our home was warm and toasty. Our electric bill proved it even more. We have a friend that used one of those large home improvement stores to replace there windows and they are sorry today they didn't choose FAS   Your crew did an outstanding installation of all the windows not like that big home improvement store.  We are very pleased we choose FAS to do our replacement doors & windows"
Yours Truly
Paul  & Mary
Hudson, FL.
Paul & Mary Chapen, 04/14/2011