How Often Should I Replace My Windows?

Thursday, November 04, 2010
  Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes...  
   Often times at home shows, when FAS Windows & Doors' event staff asks consumers about the state of their current windows or doors, consumers respond with something along the lines of, "oh, the home is only this many years old, so I don't think I need to..." Most of the time, the event staff answers specific questions about energy efficiency. Rarely do homeowners ask this pretty important question: how often should I replace my windows?
    Consumers whose homes that have products that are over 25 years old should strongly consider upgrading or replacement windows or doors. A prime candidate for replacement is a window or windows that are sealed shut, painted shut, non-functioning, or no longer energy efficient. Drafty windows, deteriorated doors, or broken products should be evaluated, and if needed, replaced.
   FAS Windows & Doors can help you assess your home's current state. From there, our team can help you determine what kind of products would be the most beneficial for your family's needs.  FAS Windows & Doors offers estimates inside the home that are accurate, informative, and best of all, are completely complimentary. Call 1-866-422-1960 to schedule one right away!

Katie Pettit 11/4/2010

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"When I called for a quote I was skeptical. I didn't believe that there was an honest person left in the home service industry. Then I met the representatives whom were forthright on every question and believe me I tested them. I asked them questions where I knew the answer and other providers have danced around the answers. They were upfront and honest on all points. They didn't mind once how many questions I had or what I wanted explained. They took the time to make sure I understood exactly what my options were."

Eloise H. (Altamonte Springs, FL), 06/22/2009