Gorell Constant Force Balance System

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
  Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes...
   Who wants a window that is difficult to open? How many of you are currently having issues opening the windows in your home? Functionality is an important aspect of any window. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a backseat to concerns about energy efficiency. However, one brand in particular has fantastic construction, utilizing a balance system, and definitely keeps your ability to open the window in mind. Gorell's Constant Force Balance system is a great aspect featured in their double hung windows.
   Balance systems are a great addition to window construction because they offer operational benefits. The windows open more smoothly and more quietly. Using balance systems that are designed with elements that create less friction makes for a window that is easier to use. Constant force balance systems are the fastest growing balance system in the window industry. Gorell's Constant Force Balance System is tackling the functionality challenge of window construction, and is doing a superb job at conquering the task.
   The Constant Force Balance system by Gorell consists of several low-friction parts. Plastic parts and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion. This means you're less likely to have to replace the window, or parts of the window. Also, these pieces of this balance system puzzle lends itself to an easier, and smoother operation, with less force required to open the window. For those of you who struggle with opening or closing your windows on a daily basis, double-hung Gorell window products may just be the window you're looking for. Call us at 1-888-422-1960 to find out!
Katie Pettit 11/17/2010

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As I have mentioned before to my installer, Keith & his crew, as well as other FAS members on the phone, I was very please with the attention to detail above and beyond of the entire installation process of my windows & doors. I actually fixed lunch for the guys 2 of the 3 days they were here! They were a welcomed part of our family that week. I would also like to say that we worked very well with Philip King our salesman. Exceptional knowledge of the products. We met him at the homeshow at the OCC and felt comfortable enough w/ him to invite him to our house for more info. (After our meeting at the house, I actually took him to another friend in the nieghborhood who was interested in yalls doors). We decided against one of your competitor companies b/c of that 1st meeting w/ Philip. He was very helpful.
Karen D. (Orlando, FL), 03/07/2009