Exterior Home Trend Colors for 2014

Thursday, January 09, 2014
The New Year is in and the latest home exterior color lists are out. The exterior paint trends for 2014 are considered to be back to basic colors that are neutral in palette. The hottest colors are white and cream exteriors. These simple colors are meant to highlight the home’s architectural style that are tending to be more modern then last year.
Along with the exterior base color, the exterior trim trend colors are tending to be neutral as well. The most popular exterior trim color for 2014 is expected to be a light blue color. The runner up colors are expected to be sandy beiges and light gray hues. In contrast to the base home color and trim color, the most popular front door colors for 2014 are predicted to be dark statement colors. Colors like a dark red, a deep gray or a traditional black door are favored to be the most popular.
If you are looking to update your home and want to follow some of these latest paint trends for 2014, then give us a call today! We carry the highly acclaimed Tex Cote COOLWALL exterior paint system and we can transform your home for the New Year.  
R. Wilding 1/9/2014

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